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Jacob & Maria Jarhaus 1915


Bill & family about 1928
& Grandad Heinrich

By Wolla & Martha Jarhaus daughters of Fred
Our parents, Fredrich and Christina Jarhaus farmed near Eurka South Dakota. They had three sons and six daughters all of whom were born in the U.S. With three sons who wished to farm and no available land, our Dad and three other men decided to come to Canada. My dad homesteaded land about nine miles NW of Piapot . During the summer of 1910 Dad built a house (which later bacame a granary) and a sod shelter for the animals. That fall he shipped a car-load of settler's effects and four of the children. In the spring of 1911 the remainder of the family  arrived.  During the summer of 1911 a larger house was built, as well as a barn, blachsmith shop and some of the land was fenced.  In 1911 women were allowed to file for homesteads, so mother got 160 acres 6 miles north, She had to live on it for 6 month of the year until she got title on it.


My Grandmother Sophia Jarhaus sister of Fredrich and Jacob

History of the Distinguished Surname Jahraus
History of Jahraus the surname can be traced to the Baltic region of Pomerania in the ancient German state of Prussia. During the 5th century AD Pomerania was settled by a Slavic tribe known as Pommern, meaning "by the sea". During the reign of The Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne the region became known as Pomerania.  The Pommern tribe was introduced to Christianity by Bishop Otto von Bamberg, was soon followed by Pomeraia's incorporation into the German state of Prussia.
Early in the middle ages the surname Jahraus appeared in Mecklenburg, where the name contributed greatly to the development of an emerging nation. Over time the Prussian and Pomernaian family name branched into other houses, where it played an important roll in social and political affairs. Notable among those of the surname Jahraus during this period were the "Jahnke" family of Mecklenburg. The family also relocated to many other German States in persue of new interests in military, political and religious service and were Counts, Barons, Knights and Chevaliers.
The numerous variations of the Jahraus surname include Jarhaus, Jahnke, Jahn, Janus and von-der-Jahn d'Eberstadt. The meaning is dependent on which spelling version is referenced, where Jahraus means "year end" and Jarhaus referes to "the house where one resided, worked or frequented". 

Grand Duchy of Baden
Our Jahraus Family origins are in the former Grand Duchy of Baden, in what is now part of the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg. The actual place name of  their origin is unknown, however their third generation are found residing in the town of Ilbesheim   in the precint of Landeau.  I have yet to uncover any clues as to what professions the family members may have been engaged in.
As with the Kaul family, the Jahraus family will have experienced similar frustrations in freedom of movement, religious restrictions and the threat of military conscription. These facts lead to the Jarhaus familie's decision to join the exodus of German peoples in search of more secure freedoms. Whereupon, in the year 1809 Georg Jacob Jahraus, wife Katharina and son Peter picked up stakes and made tracks for the steppeland of South Russia.
Kherson Province
The family settled in Rohrbach South Russia on the Black Sea coast in the administratrion area of Kherson. Rohrbach is located in land, about 26 miles west of the Bug River, 86 miles NW of Kherson and 66 miles NE of Odessa. Their new homeland was an uninhabited steppeland, under the jurisdiction of Governor Duke de Richelieu. They were among a group of 25 families who had probably travelled down the Danube River to the Black Sea coast from their embarkation point of Ulm on the German Danube, eventually arriving at Odessa.

Their new home possessed a rich landscape and the possibility of potential wealth. Unfortunatley these Colonists were short on farming skills and a generation would pass before they would realise their potential. 

Unfortunatley the Colonists new found freedoms would not last. In 1871 Czar Alexander II revoked the preferential rights and privileges which had been given the colonists by Catherine the Great and Alexander I. As a result, the colonists were reduced to the level of Russian peasants and were subject to be drafted into the Czar's army. So once again our Jarhaus family were to seek their freedoms elsewere. It was in 1871 that Peter's son Friedrich Jacob Jahraus, his wife Eleanora (Hienrichson) and their 4 children decided to emigrate to the Americas.
The Dakotas
In 1872 a certain Johann Ludwig Bette, a former colonist persuaded the Jahraus family to join his group of emigrant colonists who were making passage to the USA.  The four groups numbering 175 men, women and children were united at Sandusky Ohio, where the wintered.  In April 1873 our family loaded their belongings on a special freight train and took off for Yankton Dakota Territory. they arrived in the worst blizzard on record, many thought the country was worse then Siberia. Many of the families were to find land to homestead some 18 miled north of Yankton near Lesterville. Our family found their land further north near Menno,Hutchison County, for it was here that Fred and Eleanora's fifth child Elisabetha was born October 5 1873.   Strangely, Friedrich Jacob Jahraus declared intent to become a US citizen at Yankton in January 1881. Such a delay may have been normal, as they were among the earlier settlers.
Six more children were born to Fred and Eleanor in the decade that followed, all in Menno. My grandmother Sophia Jahraus was born in Menno Hutchison County County S.D. in 1880. Sophia married my grandfather Johann Kaul at Menno Aug 14 1898. 
Fred Jacob Jahraus moved on about 1900 as we then find him farming near Eureka in McPherson County.In the 1910 census we find Fredrich Jacob age 71 and his second wife Barbara living in Bickel Township Campbell County SD.

Fred Jahraus's sons Heinrich, Fredrich and Jacob were all born in South Russia and were children when the family emigrated. All three married South Russian brides who arrived in America after the sons were grown. In 1910 Fredrich, Jacob and brother's-in-law, Johann Kaul and Henry Klein moved to Canada, homesteading north-east of Maple Creek in the Piapot area.
From Piapot Prairie Trails by Hertha (Jahraus) Utke daughter of Jacob (above). My father's  parents emigrated from Rohrbach South Russia and settled at Menno Yankton Co South Dakota. My father was born in 1871. He married Maria Wessel in December 1894 and they homesteaded near Harried SD. In 1910 my father homesteaded north-east of Maple Creek Sask. In May that year  we moved to Maple Creek, we stayed there while the homestead shack was built. Dad and the older children took the animals, wagons, etc. to the homestead. It was quite a trek, it rained and we stopped at a farmer's place, where we bedded down for the night in the barn. At one place along the way, a chicken crate came loose and we chased chickens all over the prairie. There were no fences and I remember passing the Pickworth ranch.    When we arrived at the property, everyone got busy. We lived in a large tent until the shack was built.   In the first part of June Dad brought mother and the younger children out. That day the weather turned cold and it snowed. We had fuel to keep warm but the door wasn't hung,so we braced it up and hung a blanket over it. As there were no fences the cattle drifted south with the wind and we found them in an old sheep shed.   In 1911 the school was built. we had 2 1/2 miles to go to school. Dad had purchased a Mogal tractor and broke sod for the neighbours.

Generation 1   Our Jahraus before 1650, born to that generation were two sons,   (1) Hans Georg B: 1668,   and (2) Nicholas B: 1672.
Generation 2    Nicholas Jahraus B: 1672 Wilferdingen Baden, D: about 1733
His children (1) Hans Georg & (2) Jacob
Generation 3   Hans Georg Jahraus B: 1699 Baden,    D: abt 1750 Baden,   M: Anna Maria she B: 1700,   Their children    (1) Johann Georg Jahraus B: Dec 13 1728,     (2) Charles "Karl" James Jahraus B: 1738.     (3) Andreas,   (4) Georg Simon,   (5)   Eva Elisabetha,   and ( 6) Jacob.
Generation 4   Johann Georg Jahraus B: Dec 13 1728 Ilbesheim Landeau Baden, D: 1788 Palatinate,     M: Anna Maria Medart,    Their child (1) Georg Jacob

Generation 5   Georg Jacob Jahraus B: 1760 Ilbesheim Landeau Baden,   D: Oct 18 1836 Rohrbach Kherson South Russia,     M: Kathatina Anna-Maria (Stumpp) Grieky B: 1765 Ilbesheim Baden,   D: Feb 3 1833 Rohrbach South Russia,     their children (1) Peter   and (2) Katherina

Generation 6    Peter Jahraus B: 1798 Ilbesheim Landeau Baden,   D: 1858 Rohrbach Kherson South Russia,     M: Anna Maria Roth B: 1790 Palatinate,   D: abt 1850 Rohrbach South Russia,    Their children (1) Fredrich Jacob  and (2) Barbara.

Generation 7    Fredrich Jacob Jahraus B: Sep 7 1839 Rohrbach Kherson South Russia,   D: Nov 19 1934 Artis South Dakota,     M: Eleanora Heinrichson   B: Neu Dansig Kherson South Russia,    D: Jan 29 1903 Eureka South Dakota,     their children, born in Rohrbach   (1) Heinrich,   (2) Fredrich,   (3) Katharina,  and six were born in  Minno  Hutchinson Co South Dakota    (4) Jacob,  (5) Elisabetha,   (6) Barbara,   (7) Johann,   (8) Sophia,   (9) Pauline   and  (100 Wilhelm

Generation 8    Sophia Jahraus  B:: May 13 1880 Minno South Dakota, D: Feb 1975 Maple Creek Saskatchewan,     M: Johan Kaul b: Feb 15 1877 Gluckstal Kherson South Russia,    D: Jun 13 1930 Piapot Saskatchewan,     their children (1) Ruth Elisabeth Eleanor,  (2) Lillian Amanda,  (3) Edwin William,  (4) Herbert Henry,   (5) Arthur (Shortie)   and   (6) Ester Edna . 


Sunday after church at the Fred Jarhaus place.

Line of Charles "Karl" James Jahraus 
Karl "Charles" Jahraus immigrated to the USA 1768 where he married Mary Early at Staunton Verginia. Charles came from The Grand Duchy of Baden, his port of entry may have been Baltimore or Norfolk Verginia. In 1772 we find him residing At Stauton, Agusta C0, Verginia.
At such time as he was naturalized, or declared intent to become a US citizen, his surname was translated into English and duly registered as YEAROUT. As Charles had assumed the new legal surname of Yearout, his decendents were all legaly Yearouts and have since proudly carried the name. A complete 200 year history of Charles Jahraus is recorded in "200 Years of Yearout in America", published 1973 by Keith Watkins & Sons, Providence Utah.

Generation 3 Charles "Karl" James Jahraus B: 1738 Grand Duchy of Baden,    D:  Mar 7 1815 Maryville Blount Co. Tennesee,   Wife unknown,    Their children    (1) Catherine Yearout B: Abt 1767,   (2) Abraham Yearout B: 1768.    (3) Elizabeth Yearout B: Abt 1870,    (4) Isaac Yearout B: Dec 18 1772,     (5) Sunannah Yearout,      (6) Daniel Yearout B: Abt 1775,    (7)  Charles Jr Yearout B: Abt 1777,    (8) Jacob Wallace Yearout B: 1778.
Generation 4 Abraham Yearout  B: 1768,    D: 1848 Knox Tennesee,    M:  Oct 2 1794 Augusta Co. Verginia, Susannah Berkhart,    Their children  (1)  John Yearout.
Generation 5 John Yearout  B: Oct 26 1795 Agusta Co. Verginia,    D: May 9 1872,    M: Jan 1 1816 Martha Raulston,    Their children  (1)  William Rankin Yearout  B: Oct 27 1819,    (2) John Joseph Yearout B: 1824.
Generation 6  William Rankin Yearout B: Oct 27 1819 Blount Co. Tennesee,    D: Nov 22 1888 Blount Co Tennesee,    M: May 22 1856 Blount Co. Tennesee,  Myra McCulley,    Their children  (1)  John Lowery Yearout.
Generation 7 John Lowery Yearout B: Dec 15 1860

My Kaul Family History by Keith Kaul

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