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Family Reichert Page

German Wappen Of
Family Reichert
First found in Bavaria, where the name became noted for its many branches within the region. Each house aquiring a status and influence which was envied and enrolled by the princes of the region.
Some notable bearers of the name were Joseph Reichardt 1709, Reinhardt Reichart 1732, and Michael Reichart 1740.
The beginings of the name Reichert are in the German state of Bavaria, which owes its name to the ancient tribe of  "Bajuvaren". They settled here after the Romans ceased their occupation in 500 AD. Despite resistance from the Bavarian Duckes, the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne incorporated Bavaria into his empire in 788 AD. Bavaria reverted to its former status of a dukedom, coming under the control of the houses of Saxony, then Franconia and finally the Welfen family dynasty. The Welfen family enjoyed the peak of their power from 1156 to 1180, until the Wittelsbach house gained power.

During the Middle Ages the Reichert name has been found in Bavaria where it became noted for its many branches within the region, each house aquiring a status and influence which was envied and enrolled by the princes of the region. The literal meaning of the name is "Brave Ruler",  and chronicles first mention Hantsch Richard of Leignitz in 1381, and Hans Reichard of Friedland in 1381.

In their later history the name became a power unto themselves and were elevated to the ranks of nobility as they grew into this most influential family.
 Among the many variations of the name Reichert we find Reichhard, Reichhart, Reichard, Reichardt, Reickhard, Reichheart, Reikhard, Reickhard, Richard, Reichert, Richert, Reikert and more.


Wappen Ravensburg
The cross is the symbol of Duke Welf IV (died 1107) who was a Crusader and brought a piece of the cross of Christ back to the Monastery Wingarten. The castle is Welfen now Veitsburg.



Generation 5
Otto Arthur Reichert & Lillian Amande Kaul

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Reicherd Family from Ravensburg


An old illistration ofRavensburg, to the left Castle Welfen and to the right Monastery Wingartten. 

Our Reichert family (sometimes spelled Richert), German roots are from the former Kingdom of Wurttemberg, in village of Weingarten-Ravensburg.  The town of Ravensburg was founded by the Lords of Welfen in the 12th century. It became a free Imperial city of the Holy Roman Empire in the 15th century. In 1810 it was incorporated into the Kingdom of Wurttemberg.
Ravensburg developed at the foot of the Welfen Castle (drawing above) which was first mentioned in 1088. Today the castle is known as "Vitsburg". The Duchal family Welfen established a market town at the intersection of two important trade routes where municipal law had been in place since the 12th century.
By the time of The Reformation, the city had decided on a denominational policy of parity, where it was one of four cities in the Holy Roman Empire where Catholics and Protestants had equil rights. Unfortunatly, history mentiones only the good parts. Numerous wars had ravaged the country side and the Towns and villages had been sacked. There was no apparent concern for the well being of our ancestors. Not to mention a guy by the name of Napoleon lurking about and presganging the men into his Grande Armee.
Our Reichard ancestors decided to take matters into there oun hands, and so they did. They sold their properties and posessions, loaded the necessities and and made tracks for the South Russian stepps, where Tzar Alexander was promoting immegration to a peacefull land where there was lots of room for a better life.
In 1809 -1810 our ancestor Andreas Reichert arrived at the newly established village of Rohrbach in the administration area of Kherson, South Russia. The family would have embarked on their long journey at the city of Ulm on the Wurttemberg side of the River Danube and traveled down river to Budapest. From here their journey will have taken one of two possible routes, (1) an overland wagon-train to thr River Dniester in South Russia, or more likley (2) continuing their river boat voyage on the Danube to the Black sea coast and on to the city of Odessa.

Time Line

Generation 1:  Andreas Reichert (1787 - 1841) B:  Wingarten-Ravensburg, Wurttemberg,   D: Oct 1841 Rohrbach, Kerson Province, South Russia.    M: Eva, she B: 1785 Wurtenberg.   Their children (1) Johann B: 1811,   Jacob B: 1812,   and   (3) Georg Valentin Sr B: about 1815,

Generation 2:   Georg Valentin Reichert Sr, about (1815 - 1875)    B:  Rohbach, South Russia,    D: abt 1875.    M: Dec 14, 1837 Eva Catharina Strasser, @ Rohrbach,    she B: about 1814 Rohrbach.    Their children   (1) Georg Valentin Jr, B: Nov 2 1838,    (2) Anna Maria B: Jan 10 1843,   (3) Catharina B: Oct 7 1840,    (4) Michael B: Mar 18 1848,    (5) Eva Maria B: Jul 27 1850,    (6) Johannes B: Dec 1852,    (7) Phillip B: Jun 12 1858 and     (8) Jacob
Generation 3:   Georg Valrntin Reichert Jr, (1838 - ?)   B:  Rohrbach, Kherson, South Russia, D: 18??  Sutton Nebraska.     M: Katharina Strasser @ Rohrbach,    she born abt 1840 in Kherson , South Russia.   Their children,    (1) Friedrich B: Aug 30 1860, and    (2) Peter B: Aug 28 1866.
Generation 4:   Friedrich Reichert (1860 - 1907) B: Aug 30 1860 Rohrbach, Kherson, South Russia,    D: Aug 17 1907 Harried, Campbell Co. South Dakota.     M: Oct 9 1887 Margarete Hust  @ Rohrbach, Kherson, South Russia,     she B: Aug 6 1865 Rohrbach, Kherson, South Russia,    D: Sep 26 1939 Lehr South Dakota.    Their children,    (1) Katharina B: Aug 23 1888,     (2) Johann Georg Mar 31 1891, and    (3) Otto Arthur B: Jul 11 1893.

The newly married couple Friedrich and Margarete Reichert left Rohrbach in late 1887 or early 1888, immigrating  to Sutton, Clay County, Nebraska in the USA.

Generation 5:   Otto Arthur Reichert (1893 - 1969) B: Jul 11 1893 Sutton, Clay Co., Nebraska. D: 1969 Chilliwack, British Columbia,   M: 1919 Lillian Amanda Kaul @ Piapot, Saskatchewan, She B: Apr 29 1901 Harried, Campbell Co., South Dakota,   D:  ??.  Chilliwack, British Columbia.    Their Children (1) Elmer Alfred Richert B: Nov 4 1920,   (2) Verna Laurina Richert B: May 28 1922, (3) Harry Alvin Richert B: Jul 26 1923, (4) Howard Rubin Richert B: Sep 24 1925,  (5) Gordon Otto Richert B: Jan 9 1928,  and (6) Clarice Lillian Richert B: Sep 29 1929.
Generation 6:
Generation 7:
Generation 8:

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