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Some History of The Endecotts

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G10  We are following our chronological story of the Endecotts, which reveals an interesting past. Let's stray a bit and reveal some history about Thomas Endecott, brother  Joseph Posey Endecott. Thomas was possessed by  yielding to the urge of his pioneering blood, a common characteristic of the clan. Thomas had married Sarah Welsh in 1759, they lived near Mt Holly NJ. From here they moved on to Low Gab near the Verginia border. Near by runs a stream called Endecott creek.
In 1786 a flood of humanity surged into Kentucky, born on its crest, was the family of Thomas and Sarah Endecott with  9 children, at least 2 grandchildren and an unknown number of slaves. From their home near Endecott creek in the Blue Ridge Mountains, they traveled by way of  Daniel Boon's famous old wilderness trail. Thomas and Boon were not partners, but it is certain that they knew each other and were possessed by the same free spirit..
 Thomas bought land in Woodford Co. in 1789. The following year land was sold and he moved on to Bourbon Co. By 1803 Endecott land covered much of 2 Kentucky counties.
The Endecotts were a class of pioneers who strived to find good land on which to build, where they could plant their crops and raise large families of healthy children. They were certianly most successful in the numbers of healthy offspring they brought up. They wished to make permanent homes so they could get clear titles to their land. They were strong in body and in mind, stout of heart and resolute of will.
Thomas's wife Sarah had died in the 1790s. He seems to have enjoyed batchelorhood  for some 20 years, until in 1814, he married a widdow Susanna Turner Young.
 However, there always have been members of the family to whom the call of far away places has been irresistible. Over the other side of the mountains lay the promised land.  
 Even  old age had not cured Thomas of the craving to move on. At age 80 he sold his positions in Kentucky  and with his wife, Susannah, and their small son Absolam, moved to Posey Co. Indiana. In March 1831 he passed away. He had seen life in New Jersey, North Carolina, Kentucky and Indiana.
G11  The Endecotts being Puritans were opposed to war. They were always supporters of the American cause, but managed to avoid military service. During the period of the French wars and well into the War of Independence they were conscientious objectors. Thomas and his brothers were objectors, however their son were not. In 1777 Thomas's son Moses volentared for the N.C. Minute Men and served for 3 months. Moses served in the North Carolina Malitia from 1778 through 1881, seeing service in N.C., Verginia and Georga.   

G13 Willian H Endecott a veteran of the war of 1812. 1814 served in the Battle of Tippecanoe.
G14 William Alexander gave his life in the battle of Petersberg, where he is burried. Civil War Co.H., 39 Wisconsin Volintere Infrentry.
William was one of the founders of the Brier Creek United Brethern Church , Franklin Twp Indiana.

The Devonshire Endecotts
The Endecott family origins are portrayed In a manuscript entitled "Hands Across the Sea" by Sir Roper Lethbridge. The sources of data are parish registers, municipal and dioceson archives, churchwardens' accounts, and wills. I have gleaned the following bits and pieces from Sir Roper's manuscript.
 In the charter of 1262 granting the Manor of Itton to William de Mohun, the estate of Yendecott was assessed to pay an annual chief-rent of 10 shillings and 6 pence to the Manor.

 In 1448, by a charter,  preserved in Exeter University College Museum, conveyed to John Yendecott, wife Alice and son Henry a certain estate, near S Tawton.

Generation-3:  John of Middelcott Manor inherited the estate of Henry. John b: 1485, d: 1545, his sons were (1) Henry and (2) John.

Generation-4: Henry Endecott b: 1515 Devonshire England,  d: 1585 Devonshire, his son was (1) John.

Generation-5: John Endecott b: 1541 Devonshire, d: 1635 Devonshire, his children (1) Thomas, (2) Robert, (3) William, (4 Richard and (5) Wilmote.
John had inherited Drewston and Middlecott manor in Chagford from his father Henry. Included in this inheritance were large tin mining properties, Cranbrook Farm and Cranbrook Castle.
 John in his will, dated 9 May 1635, disinherited his grandson John "governor" who was legal heir since the death of his father Thomas.
Generation-6 Thomas Endecott; b: 1565 Devonshire, d: Dec 20 1621 Devonshire, m: Alice, their children (1) John "governor", (2) Margaret and Gregory.
Generation-7 John "governor" Endecott; b: 1588 Devonshire, d: 1665 Salen Massachusetts m: (1) Ann Gower, she b: abt 1600, d: 1629 Massachusetts Bay Colony,  m: (2) Elizabeth Cogan Gibbon, she b: abt 1600 Cambridge England, d: 1670 Salem Mass, their children (1) John and (2) Zerubbable.

The Endecott family of Devonshire were generally strong churchmen of the established church of England and were violently opposed to the Puritan movement. John "governor", early in life came under the influence of the great Puritan Rev. John White of Dorchester, and became a staunch Puritan.Probably for this reason he became alienated from his grandfather. 

Banished from the family, June of 1628 John "governor", his wife Ann and a small company of Puritans embarked at Wemouth harbor aboard the good ship Abigail. After a voyage of two months and 16 days they landed at "Naumkeake" Naumbeag Harbor, later named "Salem" Massachusetts.

The American Endecotts
John Endecott was one of "six patentees and others" to whom a royal charter was granted march 9 1628, under the name of the " Governor and Company of Massachusetts Bay in New England". Fifth named was John Endecott was as to become Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony. John was a an authoritive and trusted community leader and would eventually generate a sizable estates. His decsendents were to become great pioneers, many of them colorful characters. They ventured forth sewing their seed in Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana and Wisconsin, where my Mom was born.

Salem "city of  peace"

Massachusetts State Seal

G8 Zerubbable Endecott b: 1635 Salem Massachusetts, d: 1684 Salem Mass,   m: 1654 - Mary Smith b: 1635 Great Yarmouth England, d: abt1690 Salem Mass, their children were (1) John, (2) Samuel, (3) Zerubbable, (4) Benjiman, (5) Mary, (6) Joseph Salem, (7) Sareh, (8) Elizabeth, (9) Hannah and (10)Mehetable
  G9 Joseph Salem Endecott b: 1672 Salem Mass, d: 1747 Burlington Co New Jersy, m:   1684 Burlington Co NJ - Hannah  b: 1683 Burlington Twp NJ, d: abt 1750, their children were (1) John, (2) Mary, (3) Joseph Burlington, (4) Elizabeth and (5) Ann  
G10 Joseph Burlington Endecott b: 1711 Burlington Co NJ, d: Jul 13 1748 New Jersy,   m: May 19 1736 - Ann Gillam b: 1715 Burlington Co NJ, d: 1783 Juluistown NJ, their children were (1) Thomas, (2) Joseph Posey, (3) Samual, (4) Brazillia, (5) Sarah and (6) Prazillia
 G11 Joseph Posey Endecott b: Jun 8 1738 Mount Holly NJ, d: Jan 22 1831 Posey Co Indiana, m:   Jun 19 1759 - wife name unknown, b: 1737 New Jersy, d: abt 1790 Kentucky, their children were (1) Joseph Nicholas, (2) Sarah and (3) Unice
 G12 Joseph Nicholas Endecott b: 1771 South Carolina, d: 1883 Nicholas Co Kentucky,   m: 1792 -Welmott Nation b: 1772 North Carolina, d: 1855 Posey Co Indiana, their children were (1) William H, (2) Joseph N, (3) John, (4) Mary, (5) Eliza Jane, (6) Samual, (7) Emily, (8) Amanda, (9) Maria, (10) Elizabeth and (11) America
 G13 William H Endecott  b: Oct 24 1791 North Carolina, d: May 12 1818 Harrison Co Kentucky, m: Dec 27 1859 Harrison Co Mary - Ann Ross b: 1794 Kentucky, d: abt 1865, their children were (1) Artimssea, (2) Willaim Alexander, (3) George W, (4) Benjiman F, (5) Milton and (6) Henry
 G14 William Alexander Endecott b: 1829 Indiana,d: Apr 2 1865 Petersberg Vergina,   m: Aug 30 1849 Kentucky - Sarah Jane DeSpain, b: 1829 Montgomery Indiana, d: Dec 13 1908 Richland Co Wisconsin, their children were (1) John Milton, (2) Nancy Elien, (3) Benjiman Franklin, (4) Thomas Hamilton, (5) William Harrison, (6) Mary Ann, (7) James DeSpain and (8) Georg W
 G15 Benjiman Franklin Endecott b: Jan 2 1854 Darlington Indiana, d: Dec 31 1937 Richland Co Wisconsin,   m: May 24 1872 Wisconsin - Anna Eilza Harsha b: Oct 29 1852 Wisconsin, d: Jun 14 1935 Richland Co Wisconsin, their children were (1) Francis E, (2) Nancy M, (3) Mary E, (4) William A, (5) Olive Anna, (6) Clara Jane, (7) Eunice M, (8) Benjiman Franklin, (9) Francis Maud and (10) Eliza E
 G16 Olive Anna Enedcott b: Jul 4 1880 Richland Co Wisconsin, d: Feb 1951 Gull Lake Saskatchewan,  m: Sep 11 1901 Richland Co Wisconsin - William John Rennie b: Nov 1 1866 Wellington Co Ontario, d: Nov 26 1960 Regina Saskatchewan, their children were (1) Evert Kenneth, (2) Viola Maud, (3) Nepha Victoria, (4) William Franklin, (5) Lloyd Wesley and (6) Marshall Endecott



Roger Conant  was babtized in East Budleigh Denonshire in 1592, the youngest of eight children. In 1623 he emigrated to Plymoth with wife Sarah and son Caleb. In 1625 Conant became the governor of the fishing settlement Cape Ann. The next year he led a group of people to Naumkeake, now Salem where he became the founding Governor. In 1627 a patent was secured by a group led by John Endecott, who arrived in Neumkeake in 1628. Endecott and the other new settlers of the New England Company took over the administration of Naumkeake. Conant remained in Salem and despite what must have been a disappointment for him, acceded to Endecott's authority as the new Governor.

Roger Conant
Founder of Salem

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